"What the hell is this?" someone might say... Well, a private playground for me to dwell, to express opinions, to provide some services to others, like program patches or hacks (not cracks, you fool!), to shock, to provide space for people in need (I make the choices, not you!), whatever comes into my mind.

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Marie-Franšoise Levitte Sj÷berg (mom)

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Bernard Levitte <bernard@levitte.org>; Elija M. Levitt <elija.m@levitte.org>

Francis Levitte <francis@levitte.org>; Hal K Levitte <hal.k@levitte.org>; John Levitte <john@levitte.org>; Marc Levitte <marc@levitte.org>; Max Levitte <max@levitte.org>; Max Levitte <max2@levitte.org>; Nicolas Levitte <nicolas@levitte.org>

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I understand and speak the following fluently: swedish, french and english ]

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